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Our AGM was held on Saturday November 14.

SONY DSCNew members were elected to key positions as Margaret Foy, outgoing President and Alison Burnard, outgoing Vice President did not re-nominate.
On behalf of the committee and members, we would like to express our sincere thanks to both ladies. Margaret’s drive, dedication and passion for the ABC and our branch has been inspirational to say the least. Alison did a wonderful job in her support role to the President as well as stepping up to Chair the AGM.
We would also like to express our thanks to Barry Redshaw who was elected as President, Garth Taylor as Vice President and Eunice Goodberg as Newsletter Editor. No changes were made to the other executive committee positions.
Once the AGM formalities were out of the way we were treated to a terrific talk by our guest Russell Stapleton from Radio National. This was followed by the discussion/Q&A involving Russell, our other guest Ron Fuller (as interviewer/mediator) and the audience.
All who attended were given a real insight into the behind the scenes production of radio programmes and enjoyed it immensely.
We are extremely grateful to Russell and Ron for giving up their valuable time and sharing their expertise.

Link to Photos in the Gallery 

Link to Audio of Russell Stapleton’s talk and discussion/ Q&A with Ron Fuller


Successive governments have let the ABC adapt to its environment rather than take on the difficult task of discussing what public broadcasting should mean.  Read more at Crikey.com

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bananasinpyjamasEric Beecher is “asking tough questions about the ABC” for the same reason many commercial media proprietors do — fear of competition.
“Why does the ABC exist?” asks Crikey, striking a concerned, rhetorical pose while demanding definitive answers from government and the ABC itself.
It’s an easy question to answer. The case for public broadcasting in Australia was first made for radio in the early 1930s, and it holds just as true today: the nation is entitled to genuinely independent, accessible and reliable media outlets whose programming is provided free of charge to the maximum number of people, untainted by the commercial and/or political interests of proprietors. Read full Crikey article 

Mark Scott, managing director of the ABC.

Mark Scott, managing director of the ABC.

Mark Scott is no rabble rouser. Past profiles of the ABC managing director have described him as “vanilla”, cautious”, “dull”, bureaucratic”, “not one to make waves”. read the full SMH article