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Our End of year celebration was great fun and enjoyed by everyone.

It has been a truly awful year for our ABC, ABC staff, ABC supporters, viewers and listeners and it will continue to travel down hill in the years to come.  Blue Mountains members have put in a lot of effort putting ‘bodies on the ground’, so to speak to protest the blatant destruction of our national broadcaster by the current government and the ABC management, so it was good to relax at our end of year celebration. That being said we are all appalled and very sad for the ABC staff who have already lost their jobs and those who are still to lose theirs. This government promised one million jobs in five years and unless I’m missing something all I see and hear are more and more job losses.

We must maintain the rage and continue to fight but we also need to focus on making sure Labor commits to fully re-funding the ABC should they get into power at the next election.

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FABCdinner-66Year’s end is here, so raise your glass,
to the year that’s been and now nearly past.
Tis time to relax, tis time to smile,
tis time to sip and drink awhile,
or simply lie still and reflect on life,
Whilst recharging your batteries for the coming year of strife.


Libby Blackburn

Go Sarah….
SarahFerguson1417741536513Sarah’s spray at the ABC. She’s one of the ABC most senior journalists but that didn’t stop Sarah Ferguson from criticising her employer while hosting the industry’s key awards night.  Read more

New President Barry Redshaw Canberra Rally

New President Barry Redshaw at the Canberra Rally Click on photo to enlarge.

Incoming Blue Mountains branch president, Barry Redshaw and his wife Bev, in addition to attending the Our Stories. Our Future. Our ABC rally in Sydney, attended the Canberra rally on November 25. Speakers including Bill Shorten, Scott Ludlam, Nick Xenophon and people from the ABC and unions addressed a crowd of around 300 people.

“Our Blue Ties Tell Lies placard was photographed and filmed with a shot on Lateline. We were asked if we would donate our placard to the National Library Archives, so of course we did”.

ABC and SBS could save $6m by refusing to pay Foxtel retransmission read more

A Blue Mountains resident shared her email to Louise Markus via Facebook 

Our Stories. Our Future. Our ABC

ABC_rally_141122__DSC1686Some eighteen members from our branch joined thousands at the rally at Town Hall Square yesterday to hear speakers on the issue of, dare we say, the apparent blatant destruction of our ABC by this Government.
This destruction is being led by “No Cuts to the ABC” PM, T. Abbott, ably assisted by the Institute of Public Affairs (IPA) and of course we mustn’t forget the puppet master, R. Murdoch.
43 million dollars has already been cut and now a further 254 million dollars over 5 years will see large job losses in an already dwindling employment market, loss of valuable expertise and of course quality, quantity and programmes. Is it not extraordinary that the “No Cuts to the ABC” PM and his government can find $243.8 million over four years to fund the National School Chaplaincy and Student Welfare Programme, a programme not requested and certainly not required, a programme which we assume will see highly qualified school councillors lose their jobs as well.
It was very hot, it was very crowded, (an extremely good thing) and by the time the speakers really got going there was not too much room to move. Packed in and under the sun, we stood and listened as all the speakers spoke passionately, pulling no punches about what is happening and will continue to happen to our independent National Broadcaster because of these decisions.

Our mantra rang out loud and clear on a number of occasions. NO IFS, NO BUTS, NO ABC CUTS.

Read More at The Sydney Morning Herald. I must add I am extremely confused as to who did the head count for this article. Several hundred ????

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