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sludSenator Ludlam explaining the meaning of the word “efficiency” to Coalition Senators in relation to the savage budget cuts to the ABC and SBS. here is a link to the video and the transcript:


_DSC1538_SnapseedThe presentation on getting the most from your ABC given by our media coordinator, Tony Young, was informative and good fun as well. It was a big ask to cover all the ABC has to offer and how to use it in an hour but Tony covered as much as possible in the time.

The audience, with novices through to quite experienced people, threw questions at him and on occasions the more experienced shared their knowledge as well.

digitalpromo600A big thank you to Tony, he certainly put considerable time and effort in and has been asked to consider giving another one next year and also including answers to questions submitted by members in advance.

Members of our Blue Mountains branch attended the Annual General Meeting of Friends of the ABC in Sydney last Saturday, September 26. Ranald MacDonald former head of the International Press Institute, and Co-Ordinator of the Friends Action Committee addressed the audience about the upcoming National Campaign. The campaign will see advertising in The SMH and The AGE on October 10 and 17. Our Stop the Chop Banner was well received as were our post card size Stop the Chop fact sheet hand-outs. For photos click the link under latest.


Banners up in Springwood and Glenbrook Oval.