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bananasinpyjamasEric Beecher is “asking tough questions about the ABC” for the same reason many commercial media proprietors do — fear of competition.
“Why does the ABC exist?” asks Crikey, striking a concerned, rhetorical pose while demanding definitive answers from government and the ABC itself.
It’s an easy question to answer. The case for public broadcasting in Australia was first made for radio in the early 1930s, and it holds just as true today: the nation is entitled to genuinely independent, accessible and reliable media outlets whose programming is provided free of charge to the maximum number of people, untainted by the commercial and/or political interests of proprietors. Read full Crikey article 

Mark Scott, managing director of the ABC.

Mark Scott, managing director of the ABC.

Mark Scott is no rabble rouser. Past profiles of the ABC managing director have described him as “vanilla”, cautious”, “dull”, bureaucratic”, “not one to make waves”. read the full SMH article

QDQuentin Dempster defended the ABC in his  Politics in the Park talk ‘Abbott’s Cuts to the ABC Disempowering Democratic Debate’ at the Harold Park Hotel on October 9.

The ABC and SBS are in no man’s land at the moment.

Both these public broadcasting institutions are waiting for the Abbott Government’s Expenditure Review Committee to set the funding envelope for 2014/15 and beyond.

Last week the ABC Board reportedly signed off on contingency plans in the event that the ‘envelope’ was to be $50million recurrent or more. The board won’t press the downsizing button until it knows the precise figure. This, then, is a standoff between the ABC and the government. 

Read the transcript of his talk here or watch the video.

Article by Susan Lamont

BMgroupno Marg_IMG_3942_SnapseedI was able to join the ABC protest in Sydney last Tuesday which was great, not great for the ABC but great that I was free and could go. I must say that now that I have retired and am able to be a bit ‘political’ I do enjoy going to select demonstrations. Not that I am a redneck, but it feels great to be among others who feel passionate about the same issues that I do. It felt empowering to be outside the ABC Ultimo Centre, with many other ABC Friends and some prominent ABC staff, knowing that the ABC Board was meeting inside the building, chanting together ‘No ifs, no buts, no ABC cuts’ and waving our placards with passion.

After the demo we Blue Mountains ABC friends had a coffee and a chat in the ABC cafe which was a good re-group. I left the others around 11.30 and thought that I may as well do some other things in the city rather than head straight back home on the train. [click to continue…]

Peter Lewis_0_1“The Government’s appointment to the ABC’s governing board of Peter Lewis conveys an alarming message about the ABC’s future,”

Read the full media release